5 Electrical Safety Tips to Keep Everyone in Your Home Safe

Electricity is a valuable commodity that we all appreciate but so often take for granted. Electricity provides us with light, allows us to watch television and charge up our smartphones. I also helps us prepare meals and otherwise live the comfortable lives were accustomed to living. But, electricity needs care or it can be dangerous. Electrical fires cause more home fires than anything else every year. If you want to enjoy your electricity the way that it’s meant without worry, take heed of the five electrical safety tips below.

1.    Replace Damaged Cords: When wiring is damaged, whether the fires are frayed, burnt, or there are other signs of damage, it’s time to replace the cords. Any type of disfiguration in a cord can cause a fire!

2.    Call Professionals: When there are electrical problems in the home, call jacksonville electrical contractors for help. DIY electrical work is never a good idea, nor is avoiding repairs when they’re necessary.

3.    Don’t Overload Circuits: Many people are guilty of overloading their circuits. Every outlet in the house is designed to deliver only a certain amount of electricity. If you overload the circuit, it can cause an explosion or a fire, neither of which you want to experience.

4.    Water & Electric=Big No: Water conducts electricity. Even a slight mixture of the two can cause a serious injury. Make sure that electricity and water never come into contact with one another at any time in your home.

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5.    Avoid Extension Cords: Running extension cords in the home may seem like a good idea but they only increase the risk of injuries and trouble with your electrical outlets. If you use extension cord often, it may be time to install new wall outlets.