What you Need to Know about the Process Involved While Cleaning Dirty Carpets

In a commercial area, carpets see a lot of traffic and tend to get soiled easily. It is also likely that there are many carpets in these areas. Cleaning them by yourself is a tedious task. You can use commercial carpet cleaning palm beach county services to get your carpets clean in no time.

There is a long and consistent cleaning process involved a carpet cleaning service better handles that. Here are the three parts to the process.

Regular Cleaning

This is the first part of the cleaning process. This involves daily or weekly maintenance to keep your carpets generally clean and hygienic. This process keeps carpets looking new and well-maintained.

Keeping a mat clean can involve placing other mats. By placing walk-off mats in key places, soil from the outside can be prevented from coming in. In addition to this, carpet cleaning services sweet mats every day.

Carpets are also vacuumed often. Any unsightly spots are quickly altered daily.

Deep Cleaning

Carpets also require more attention from time to time. This comes in the form of deep cleaning. Using floor machines, any stains on the carpet are loosened so that they can be completely removed.

Carpet cleaning services also shampoo the carpets to get rid of any remaining dust and stains. This is followed by dry vacuuming.

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Special Treatment

Sometimes, routine deep cleaning cannot get rid of stubborn stains and odors on your carpet. When this happens, a good carpet cleaning service will provide extraction cleaning methods that use aggressive cleaners to remove difficult stains.

There may also be other issues like odors taken care of by a range of special treatments.


The three processes described above make for a complete cleaning solution for your carpets. Not all carpets may require special treatments. However, opting for a carpet cleaning agency that also offers this can be an excellent way of keeping your carpet clean in case of any deep stains.