What Causes Foundation Cracks?

Notice cracks in your foundation? Most people who see foundation cracks wonder how they’ve come about. They oftentimes don’t put much more thought into the cracks, although doing so is beneficial. Since the cracks may be a sign of bigger trouble. There are numerous reasons why the foundation may crack, whether it is due to settling that occurs naturally, unstable soil, or other problems. The truth is, about 60% of homes in Tulsa are built on soil with clay content, which doubles the risks of damage.

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All foundation cracks tulsa ok are worth inspecting a little bit closer to make sure that a big problem isn’t on your hands or that it’s not soon to evolve. Some may not be anything more than an aesthetic concern, in which case you must ask yourself if the costs of the repair projects are worth the expenditure. In other cases, a foundation crack is very serious and risks the foundation and quality of your home if it’s not repaired. You should examine the cracks to define the seriousness. Better yet call out a professional to inspect the foundation cracks.

When the foundation cracks, it can cause roof problems, issues with the windows and doors, basement walls issues, and framing issues. Any of these problems can cause thousands of dollars in repair needs. It may also damage the structure of the house, which ads even more costs to the repairs. If you notice the signs of damaged foundation, it is important that you contact a repairman at once. Waiting to call a professional to repair the damage only leads to more trouble and more expense. Peace of mind and a well maintained foundation are two benefits that come when you maintain the foundation of the home.